Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thing #6

I have never heard of mashups before. I found it interesting. I found myself spending a lot of time looking and trying different things. One thing I created was a jigsaw puzzle of a picture of my two dogs. I also played around with the trading card. This tool would be a fun project for the students to use in the library. There are so many different types of trading cards that could be made by the students. It would definitely be something different for them to create. I know our language arts teachers have done a character study. The students had the opportunity to dress up as their character. It would have been an asset to the project if they had trading cards to pass out to tell about themselves.


  1. When you talk about an online resource like the Big Huge Labs jigsaw puzzle or the trading card, please make your words a hot link.
    We talked about important hot links are to the interactive aspects of the 2.0 world.
    You want your reader to instantly be able to go "there" and see or do what you just wrote about...to experience what you did.