Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thing #19

When I looked at the Web 2.0 Awards, I found many different tools that would be useful in the library. I looked through PBwiki and found that it said there was a way to have "unlimited premium wikis for your school." I thought that when building a wiki this would be beneficial. The librarian can share with the teachers how to use a wiki for each class. The basic wiki for the classroom is free! They also list ideas on how to use the wiki in your classroom. The librarian can set up a wiki for the school instead of sending out a newsletter on paper. She can keep the school updated on information by using the wiki. The whole school will be able to see comments and responses about certain topics. It is a great way to get the staff updated and collaborate.
Another tool I found fun to play around with was the widgets. It took me a while to figure out how to insert the one I wanted into my blog, but I finally figured it out! I spent a lot of time just looking through all the different widgets available. If a teacher has a blog, then students can personalize it by picking different widgets as a class.

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