Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thing #12

Two important things I learned from reading the different blogs were to interact with comments left and to hyperlink in your blog. 10 Techniques to Get More Comments on your Blog said that as a blogger you have to comment to get comments. After reading, I agree that as a blogger, you have to be open and comment to others to be able to receive more comments. If others see that you are responding, then what you are saying and what others say means something to you. Blogs, to me, are used for communicating ideas and cooperating with others. As a blogger, if all you are doing is writing, then you are not going to get as much out of it. You will get out of it, what you put in it.
How to Comment Like a King (or queen!) says that putting hyperlinks is important. We all look for a simple way to get information. People are going to be more willing to go to the blog and look at the information if it is just a click away versus having to go search and find what you were talking about. Then once they find the information that you referenced, then they can make comments to you.

One blog I found was from my Google Reader. It is the Librarian and Information Science News. One post that caught my attention was about how school districts are cutting librarians. I can't believe the percentage of school districts that have decided to cut the librarian (19%!). I couldn't believe it.

Librarian Philosopher made a post about the TLA conference. It drew my attention because the other students in the cohort had the opportunity to participate, but I had to make the choice not to go due to it being so close to the TAKS test. In her post about TLA, she put hyperlinks to information about the several sessions which was beneficial.


  1. I felt so advanced when I learned how to use hotlinks. It feels like we are using magic when we can clink on a word or phrase and "travel" somewhere else.