Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thing #20

I have personally used United Streaming in my classroom to enhance students' learning, but you have to subscribe to Discovery Education. I think that there are some topics that the books can't teach as well as watching it as a video. Using Teacher Tube and You Tube is beneficial because it is free to the public, but that means that the teacher has to make sure the videos are age and content appropriate. Teacher Tube enables the teacher to create a video and upload it to the site, which in turn allows the children to share with the family what they are learning. You Tube and Teacher Tube both require the teacher to do lots of searching to make sure it is exactly what they want since anyone is uploading videos. United Streaming is sorted out by content and then by grade level.

In this Earth Day video, second graders go through the a, b, c's and give environmental tips. The work is all done by the students, and you get to hear them talking. What a great way to discuss Earth Day!

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