Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thing #7

I researched the Picasa Web Albums. This would be great for teachers or librarians who take a lot of pictures of different activities in their class. They could share the pictures with the families at the school. This enables parents to see what is taking place in the classroom. It also allows students to share with their families what they are doing.
I also thought that the Google Calendar would be a tool for teachers to use to share the topics that the students are learning about in class. The teacher wouldn't be sharing the lesson plans, but the topics that are being covered on a weekly basis. I know that my parents love knowing what is taking place. Parents can then ask their child about the topics. They will also know when tests, checkpoints, or other important school events are by using the calendar.


  1. don't think anyone has mentioned using Google calendar with parents...good idea about the assignments!

    The only drawback to Picasa I see is that you do not have the ease of the Creative Commons feature found in Flickr. But Picasa meshes with al lthe other google tools so if the pictures were yours that you were sharing, it would not necessarily be a problem.

    I really need to add some pictures to Picasa and learn its ins and outs.

  2. Great idea about using Google Calendar with parents! At my school district, we have calendars on our homepages which require parents to navigate through the school's website to get to the teacher's page and then to the class calendar. Using Google Calendar would mean that they could integrate the class calendar into their own (provided they had a Google account at home). Thanks for a great idea!