Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thing #23

What an incredible thing for teachers and librarians both! I think all educators should take this because I never knew there were so many possibilities. I really don't have time to go out and search for these different things, so being a part of this was informative and interactive!

I really enjoyed Big Huge Labs. There are so many different things that the students are able to do that would engage the students' learning! The map maker and trading card would both be fun tools for kids to use. Other tools that I found to be beneficial in the classroom and in my personal life that I didn't know about were the google calendar and the Picasa web albums.

This program has opened my mind to so many new and interesting things. Being able to look at the other postings and comments enables me to learn so much more and think outside the box. It also gives me the confidence tow work with the programs. I'm now more willing to go and look for new creative tools online to use with my students. With kids, you always have to be new and inventive.

I figured I would be surprised in many ways, and I was! I learned a lot about the internet and software that is available. I know understand how someone can be on the internet for so many hours because there were many of the activities that I went through and spent a lot of time looking at what all it had to offer. In doing so, it created many new ideas for things I could try in one way or another with students.

After using this program, I liked how I became motivated to learn more. I would try another program similar because of how easy it was to follow the directions. Everything went step by step. It flowed very smoothly as well. I normally do not like online trainings, but this was a fantastic way to learn about web 2.0 tools.

Intriguing-I want to find out more!

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