Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thing #8

I signed into Google Reader and found that it had already given me suggestions for subscriptions other than what was suggested on the Library to Play site. I think the idea that the information comes to me instead of having to go to out and look for the new information. This seems to be quicker and simpler.
I will use this in my school by helping with professional development. By finding the most up to date information, I can inform my teachers and staff about the useful information that I have found. Others can use this to find different strategies that are useful in the classroom. When teaching, everyone needs to be thinking about what is best for the kids. It they find the most updated information, then the kids are going to be challenged and taught things in a way that may not have been presented to them before. Struggling learners will benefit from the newest strategies.


  1. Could you share the links to a blog or two that you have added to your reader that we all might find interesting?

  2. Librarian Philosopher is on my reader

    Librarian and Information Science News (LISNews) is also a blog that I have found interesting things.